Why should you join our house?
Objectively speaking . . . it’s one of the most beautiful ski rentals in the Mount Snow area. Everything from the HD TVs to the huge outdoor hot tub, sauna, and hotel-quality mattresses, make this a truly exquisite and comfortable home. The owner is part of the ski rental process.

What are the different rates?
See our Rates page for more details and our Winter Weekend Calendar.

What is included in my rental price?
All house amenites are at your disposal. You can also use the house during the week throughout the season (there will be a few rare occasions where the house will not be available during the week). All utilities, plowing, firewood, household supplies and maid service are included in your price.

Is there flexibility coming on off-weekends or making up missed weekends?
We are happy to help you make up missed weekends. This is another situation where planning ahead and asking earlier in the season is more likely to reap a positive response.

Can I leave my bedding, ski/boarding equipment at the house?
For multiple rental users ONLY, there is plenty of storage space in the mudroom and garage of the house to store ski/boarding equipment and each room has a large closet in which bedding/personal supplies can be stored. All drawers and closets are to be emptied at the end of the weekend for the following weekends use.

Are there any rules in the house?
As we are all “adults” we assume common courtesy will prevail. There are no pets allowed in the house. There is no smoking in the house – although smoking is permitted in the attached, heated garage.

How far is the house from Mount Snow?
Our house is approximately 3 miles from the mountain off of Route 100.

How do I get to Mt. Snow if I dont have a car?

There is also a bus service that can be accessed through the Internet called www.adventurenortheast.com that stops about a mile+ from the house.

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