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MERRIT TO I-91 (you can also take I-95 out of NYC to I-91 in CT)

1. Take FDR towards Major Deegan Expressway. This turns into I-87. You can also take I-95 to I-91 as an alternative.

2. Take I-87 to Cross County Parkway East; bear left onto Hutchinson River Parkway (North).

3. Take Hutchinson River Parkway to end and bear right onto Merritt Parkway (turns into 15 North).

4. Take the Merritt (15 North) to Exit 68. You will see signs for I-91.

5. Take this through Connecticut and then into Massachusetts (the exit numbers start over when you hit the Massachusetts' border). You will be on I-91 for approximately 1½ hours.

6. THERE ARE TWO OPTIONS AT THIS POINT. The more direct route (I suggest having at least front wheel drive if the roads/weather/visibility isn't great) is to get off at Exit 26 in Greenfield, MA (see #7). The other option is to keep going on I-91 North and take Exit 2 (you cross the VT/MA border) to Route 9 (West) for 20 miles into Wilmington. Turn right at the village's only stoplight onto Route 100 (North). Jump to #13 for the rest of the directions.

7. At Exit 26 in Greenfield MA, you will be at a traffic rotary when you get off the exit

8. Go (3/4) around Rotary until you see signs for Route 2. It is a small commercial strip (Texaco on right, Friendly's and McDonalds on left, etc.) The commercial strip (a few blocks) will end and you will continue straight on Rt. 2 for approximately 3.5 miles.

9. GO SLOW HERE! You can easily miss the turn and wind up going too far west towards Bennington. There should be a blue sign on the right just before the turn that tells you Rt. 112 is coming up. Also, at the turn, you will see a small sign for Rt. 112. It also has a sign with an arrow that says Shelburne/Colrain. On the right, before the turn, is an old soda shop/antique store with an old Coca Cola sign that says "Duck Pond." On the left should be a gourmet coffee shop. Make the right here. PLEASE NOTE: depending on the time you hit this point, these stores may be closed and dark.

10. Follow Rt. 112; it winds quite a bit. You should see a very bright, neon-lit American flag at the top of a hill, ahead and to your left (of course, better seen at night). At these points there are signs to follow for Route 112 (North). You will cross over a one-lane bridge (one-lane traffic light). Approximately 2/3 the way through this road, it turns into Rt. 100, which you will take towards Wilmington (North). The duration of the ride on Rt. 112 is approximately 45 minutes/25 miles. PLEASE NOTE: go slowly through all the towns for they are well-known for their speed traps by the local police.

11. At the stop sign at Rt. 100 (the road opens up from a narrow, winding, tree-lined path) go straight for approximately a mile into Wilmington.

12. At the first four-corner traffic light in town (Rt. 100). make your right (you are still on Rt. 100).

13. Go approximately 7 miles on Rt. 100. You will pass the Haystack Mountain entrance on your left about 2/3 of the way. Immediately preceding the turn for the house you will see a small strip of stores and a bed & breakfast on your right and another large bed and breakfast set way back on your left (big white house - Saw Mill Inn - refer to map images below). They often have a huge Christmas tree lit for most of the season. This is called Cross Town Road. Make a left up this very steep hill.

14. Go approximately 1 mile up the hill.

15. On the left you will see signs for the Airport and a country club (Airport Rd). Make a left.

16. Go down this road (1 mile). At the first intersection (Partridge Run), we are the first house on the left (house number 25). The house is dark gray with white trim (take note of the image at the top of this website). We have no direct neighbors. We are located at the corner of Airport Road and Partridge Run. PLEASE NOTE: street signs are often difficult to see and locate at night.

17. If you can't make it up the big hill on Crosstown Road, keep going straight on Rt. 100. Right after the Andiron Hotel, make the next left onto Country Club Road. Go straight up and around (the road curves left at the top), and proceed to Airport Road (golf course clubhouse will be on your right side at the corner). (I would say that there is a golf course to your right, but we are hoping that snow on the ground will make this difficult to decipher.) Make a right onto Airport Road and follow directions from #15.


1. Take New York State Thruway (I-87) North to Albany (approximately 3 hours).

2. Take I-787 North to Troy.

3. Follow Route 7 East to Bennington, VT. (Route 7 becomes Route 9 in Vermont.)

4. Take Route 9 East, approximately 19 miles to Wilmington, VT. Turn left at the village's main stoplight onto Route 100 North; follow directions above starting at #13.

FROM 684 & 84

1 Take FDR towards Major Deegan Expressway. This turns into I-87. (You can also take I95 to I91 as an alternative).

2. Take I-87 to Cross County Parkway East; bear left onto Hutchinson River Parkway (North).

3. To Route 684 North.

4. To Route 84 East (approximately 1 hour).

5. To I-91 (North) Hartford, CT (approximately 1 hour).

6. Follow directions above starting at #6.


1. Route 17N to Mahwah; get on the Thruway (87 North), towards Albany.

2. Get off at Route 787 (exit 23?).

3. Take 787 into Troy; get off at the exit for Route 9.

4. Route 9 is a little road that goes through Troy and into Vermont, to Bennington. You go through Bennington to Wilmington.

5. Turn onto Rt. 100 North to Mt Snow.

6. Follow direction above starting at #13.

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